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4F., No. 124-2, Sec. 2, Wuchang St., Wanhua District
Ximending, Taipei



我們距離熱鬧的紅樓和精華購物區皆約 500 米,轉往龍山寺所在的老艋舺街區也僅約 700 米距離,愜意散步,即可品味截然不同的台北魅力。台北艾特西門町酒店以簡潔低限的設計化作這趟旅程的膠卷,讓你導演獨特的城市映畫,感受台北的精彩。

To make your own story with this amazing city-Taipei. Once you get in Taipei, you may feel the energy of this city. Arto’tel Ximen is right in the middle of the heartland, which is surrounded by the historical culture and popular culture. Every corner here has its own style, that may make you feel like you’re having a time trip while you’re walking around.

Only 500M around to the hot spot “Ximen Red House”, and shopping area. 700M around to LongShan Temple and Bangka old street. You may be surprised how colorful Taipei city is. Let Arto’tel help you to enjoin it.